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I love technology...

my computer decided to restart itself as I was in the middle of a post. great, eh?

anyhoo... Im stuck here all week, with no one to talk to aside from my silly roommates. well, theres always people at work, but what about when I get home? huh... looks like I'll be spending a LOT of time online. woo hoo. hopefully someone will be on to talk to me. haha...

so I have my liscense now. I feel like I have more freedom now. not that I have my car or anything, but oh well. at least I get to use kelleys while shes in mississippi. its better than nothing, even if I can only go to work and back. hopefully Ill be getting my car here soon. I need carl to fix the ignition with a button instead. right now you have to 'play' with it for, like, 10 minutes before the key will even turn. it really sucks.

I should probably go downstairs now. lori just cam up here with a dr pepper for me. she also asked if I was going to watch the final cut with her and carl tonight... I said yes cause I dont want them to think I dont like them or anything... *sigh* looks like Ill be organizing my room tomorrow, instead. meh...
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